Frequently Asked Questions

I'm looking for gym time, not necessarily competing or being part of a team.  Is that ok?

We treasure our close-knit team environment and dino comraderie!  If you're not looking to get involved in that aspect of Jurassic Gymnastics, this is probably not the right place for you. 

There are so many great options for individual workouts in the area, though, and you'll see some of our team members at those--check out this website for a ton of adult gymnastics resources.

Can I compete at meets with the team but practice on my own/in my home gym?

Similar to the above question--Jurassic Gymnastics is very strong on the team environment, so ideally our members are both regularly attending practices and joining in at competitions. 

Though becoming a "satellite member" is an option if you've joined the team in Boston and then move away, we do require new members to be present with the team in person for at least one full season.

Do I have to join in September?

Nope!  Our "season" year runs Sept 1 - Aug 31 and membership rates are calculated accordingly, but you are welcome to join at any time of the year.

Can I check out a practice before I decide to join?

Unfortunately due to insurance restrictions, everyone must have a membership before participating in a practice.  For new members, we will comp your first practice fee to offset this.  We hope to be able to offer a free trial class in the future.   If you'd like to join the team and attend a practice, fill out our interest form.  You may also be able to meet team members at open gyms in the area.

Can I come watch the Dinos in action at a competition?

Absolutely!  Check out our Competition Schedule to see where we'll be next--we always welcome friendly faces in the crowd.  Feel free to rep some team merch while you're at it :)

I'm worried that I'm not experienced/advanced enough at gymnastics.

Don't be!  We welcome team members with a huge variety of skills, talent, and experience.  We do ask that you be able to comfortably and safely program your own workouts, but beyond that, everyone will be excited to help you answer questions on anything from skill technique to routine composition to leotard fashion!  The NAIGC currently offers at least three levels of competition for both men and women, including a "developmental" level for those starting out or gaining confidence in the sport, and it's an incredibly supportive and joyful environment to learn the ropes of gymnastics competition.

Will someone be able to coach or spot me at practice?  Do you offer classes or instruction?

All our practices are "peer-coached."  This means that, while we don't have any formal coaching or structure at practices, you can usually ask a teammate to watch you work on something and offer feedback.  More often than not, you might find yourself receiving unsolicited advice from someone halfway across the gym!  This open learning environment is another crucial part of our team atmosphere.  There are a few team members who might be comfortable spotting basic tricks, but that will vary on an individual basis.

Do I have to compete every event?  What if I hate bars with the fire of a thousand suns?  How often will I get to be in the lineup?  What if I want to try rings instead of balance beam, or vice versa?  What if I want to do ten events in one meet?!

Our team is all about giving gymnasts the opportunity to compete in whichever way will bring them the most joy.  This means we do not "cap" competitors or limit the events anyone can compete on.  Occasionally there will be limits imposed by meet hosts that we cannot work around, but as much as we are able, we allow everyone to participate in as many meets as they'd like.

If you want to compete all-around at every meet, you can.  If you want to only compete vault and spend the rest of the time chilling in a dinosaur suit, we love that.  If you want to train or compete events that are typically reserved for the opposite gender, you will be in excellent company.  If you want to try your luck in the "Super All-Around" (that's all 10 MAG and WAG events in one competition), we will be there to cheer you on.  And, with love, call you a little crazy.

Can my teen/child attend practice?  What if they're very mature for their age/an advanced gymnast?

Unfortunately, no.  We have a strict 21+ policy for all team events, including competitions and practices.

Why are you called the Dinos?

Because, gymnastically speaking, we're no spring chickens!  If you're old enough to remember Tim Daggett commentating on John Roethlisberger's routines, you get it. ;)  Our team currently has members ranging in age from 25 to 50+, and we're THRILLED at how much awareness and support for adult gymnastics has skyrocketed in recent years.

What are the team protocols regarding Covid-19?

We have been following federal, state, and local guidelines for the duration of the pandemic, and will continue to do so to ensure the safety of both our team members and the community at large.  All team members are expected to be open and communicative about their risk/exposure/symptoms.  We require team members to be fully vaccinated, including any available booster shots, and provide photo proof before attending their first practice.

What is your affiliation with Cambridge Community Gymnastics?

We are not affiliated with CCG.  Many of our team members competed on CCG's "Rec Team" between 2011 and 2020, so they will be bringing their personal history and competitive experience with them to this team, but Jurassic Gymnastics is a brand new organization.  We had hoped to exist alongside CCG to serve the adult gymnastics community in the Boston area, and were incredibly sad to hear of CCG's closing at the end of 2020.